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In THE GUARDIANS, John Grisham Delivers a Classic Legal Thriller --- with a Twist

A man convicted of murdering his lawyer turns to Guardian Ministries and Cullen Post, who travels the country fighting wrongful convictions.

Elizabeth Strout Continues the Life of Her Beloved Protagonist, Olive Kitteridge

In OLIVE, AGAIN, Olive struggles to understand not only herself and her own life but the lives of those around her in the town of Crosby, Maine.

Legendary Performer Julie Andrews Shares Reflections on Her Astonishing Career

In this follow-up to HOME, Andrews picks up the story of her life with her arrival in Hollywood and her phenomenal rise to fame in her earliest films.

Tim O'Brien Makes a Triumphant Return with His First Book Since 2002's JULY, JULY

The bestselling author shares wisdom from a life in letters, lessons learned in wartime, and the challenges and rewards of raising two sons.

Zadie Smith's First Short Story Collection is Perfectly Paced and Utterly Original

GRAND UNION is about time and place, identity and rebirth, the legacies that haunt us and the uncanny futures that rush up to meet us.

Augusten Burroughs' Stunning New Memoir is Tender, Touching...and Just a Little Spooky

TOIL & TROUBLE is a chronicle of his journey to understand himself and reconcile the powers he can wield with things with which he is helpless.

Latest Features Blog Post: "When a Mystery Blindsides You" by Annie Hogsett, Author of THE DEVIL'S OWN GAME

THE DEVIL’S OWN GAME is the third installment in Annie Hogsett’s mystery series, Somebody’s Bound to Wind Up Dead, featuring the T&A Detective Agency. When a sniper targets a blind man walking along the lagoon of the Cleveland Museum of Art, the bullet is a wake-up call aimed straight for Allie Harper and Tom Bennington, shattering their illusion that the Mondo Mega Jackpot Nightmare is over. Annie enjoys being in charge of every aspect of her novels --- calling it both a challenge and a thrill --- but there are times when even she is caught completely off guard by how her stories unfold, as she explains in her witty blog post.

Bookreporter Talks To...

As part of our mission to expand The Book Report Network, we have been shooting video interviews with authors. Carol loves interviewing authors, so this feels like a natural.

We are happy to share our latest "Bookreporter Talks To" interview with Karen White, whose latest novel, THE CHRISTMAS SPIRITS ON TRADD STREET, releases on October 22nd. In addition to talking about this sixth installment in the Tradd Street series, Karen discusses her writing projects with Beatriz Williams and Lauren Willig. Click here to listen to the podcast of this interview.

Carol was so excited to reconnect with Raymond Khoury, whose new novel is EMPIRE OF LIES. Raymond talks about much more than just the book, including the genesis of his friendship with Steve Berry and a conversation about his background, which infused so much of his latest novel. Click here to listen to the podcast of this interview.

Carol had the pleasure of interviewing Patti Callahan, the author of BECOMING MRS. LEWIS, a Bets On title that released last October and has been a huge success. Patti talks about the inspiration for this historical novel that centers on Joy Davidman, the wife of C.S. Lewis, and the research she conducted, along with her latest project for the book. Click here to listen to the podcast of this interview.

» See more video interviews on The Book Report Network YouTube channel here, featuring Linwood Barclay, Gilly Macmillan, Marjan KamaliFiona Davis, Shari Lapena, Mary Beth Keane, Sally Hepworth, Jean Kwok, Wendy Walker and Melanie Benjamin.

Latest Reviews

"You're not getting older, you're getting better," or so promised the famous 1970s ad --- for women's hair dye. Americans have always had a complicated relationship with aging: embrace it, deny it, defer it --- and women have been on the front lines of the battle, willingly or not. In her lively social history of American women and aging, acclaimed New York Times columnist Gail Collins illustrates the ways in which age is an arbitrary concept that has swung back and forth over the centuries.

A Book of Bones by John Connolly - Supernatural Thriller

On a lonely moor in northern England, the body of a young woman is discovered. In the south, a girl lies buried beneath a Saxon mound. To the southeast, the ruins of a priory hide a human skull. Each is a sacrifice, a summons. And something in the darkness has heard the call. Charlie Parker has also heard it, and from the forests of Maine to the deserts of the Mexican border, from the canals of Amsterdam to the streets of London, he will track those who would cast the world into darkness. Parker fears no evil --- but evil fears him.

A DOG'S PROMISE continues the story of Bailey, the good dog whose journey started in A DOG'S PURPOSE and continued in A DOG'S JOURNEY (both major motion pictures). This time, Bailey is joined by Lacey, another very special dog, who helps Bailey fulfill his promise over the course of several lives. This charming, wise canine soul brings joy, laughter and comfort as he unites a family fractured by life's inevitable obstacles. The love and loyalty of these two memorable dogs shows us the incredible power of hope, truth and unending devotion.

Moved by his mother's death and his Irish Catholic family's complicated history with the church, Timothy Egan decided to follow in the footsteps of centuries of seekers to force a reckoning with his own beliefs. He embarked on a thousand-mile pilgrimage through the theological cradle of Christianity, exploring one of the biggest stories of our time: the collapse of religion in the world that it created. Egan sets out along the Via Francigena, once the major medieval trail leading the devout to Rome, and makes his way overland via the alpine peaks and small mountain towns of France, Switzerland and Italy. The goal: walking to St. Peter's Square, in hopes of meeting the galvanizing pope who is struggling to hold together the church through the worst crisis in half a millennium.

Marley by Jon Clinch - Fiction

“Marley was dead, to begin with,” Charles Dickens tells us at the beginning of A CHRISTMAS CAROL. But in Jon Clinch’s novel, Jacob Marley, business partner to Ebenezer Scrooge, is very much alive: a rapacious and cunning boy who grows up to be a forger, a scoundrel, and the man who will be both the making and the undoing of Scrooge. With their business interests inextricably bound together, and instincts for secrecy and greed bred in their very bones, the two men engage in a shadowy war of deception, false identities, forged documents, theft and cold-blooded murder. Marley and Scrooge are destined to clash in an unforgettable reckoning that will echo into the future and set the stage for Marley’s ghostly return.

Just a few years ago, Corie Geller was busting terrorists as an agent for the FBI. But at 35, she traded in her badge for the stability of marriage and motherhood. Between cooking meals and playing chauffeur, Corie scouts Arabic fiction for a few literary agencies and, on Wednesdays, has lunch with her fellow Shorehaven freelancers at a so-so French restaurant. Pete Delaney, a milquetoast package designer, always shows up early, sits in the same spot (often with a different phone in hand), and keeps one eye on the Jeep he parks in the lot across the street. Corie intuitively feels that Pete is hiding something. But does Pete really have a shady alternate life, or is Corie just imagining things, desperate to add some spark to her humdrum suburban existence?

For more than six decades, Queen Victoria ruled a great Empire at the height of its power. Beside her for more than 20 of those years was the love of her life, her trusted husband and father of their nine children, Prince Albert. But while Victoria is seen as the embodiment of her time, its values and its paradoxes, it was Prince Albert, A. N. Wilson expertly argues, who was at the vanguard of Victorian Britain’s transformation as a vibrant and extraordinary center of political, technological, scientific and intellectual advancement. Far more than just the product of his age, Albert was one of its influencers and architects. It is impossible to understand 19th-century England without knowing the story of this gifted visionary leader, Wilson contends.

The Furies by Katie Lowe - Thriller

A new student, Violet, steps on the campus of Elm Hollow Academy, an all-girl’s boarding school on the outskirts of a sleepy coastal town. This is her fresh start, her chance to begin again in the wake of tragedy. She is soon invited to an advanced study group, led by her alluring and mysterious art teacher, Annabel. There, with three other girls, the five of them delve into the school’s long-buried grim history. Violet quickly finds herself wrapped up in this heady new world of lawless power --- except she is needled by the disappearance of a former member of the group, one with whom she shares an uncanny resemblance. As her friends’ actions take a turn for the darker and spiral out of control, she begins to wonder who she can trust, all the while becoming more deeply entangled.

Where She Went by Kelly Simmons - Psychological Thriller/Mystery

Her only daughter has just gone away to college, and Maggie O'Farrell knows she's turning into one of those helicopter parents she used to mock. Worrying constantly, texting more than she should, even occasionally dropping by the campus "just to say hi." But Maggie can't shake the feeling that something terrible is about to happen to Emma. And then, just as Maggie starts to relax, her daughter disappears. The clues are disturbing. An empty dorm room where Emma was supposedly living. A mysterious boy described as Future Husband in her phone. Dormmates who seem more sinister than friendly. As Maggie combs over the campus looking for signs of her daughter, she learns more about Emma's life than she ever thought possible.