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Ana Warner


Ana Warner

Curt Warner is an honors graduate in communication, a two-time All-American at Penn State, and former All-Pro running back for the Seattle Seahawks and Los Angeles Rams. After their children's diagnosis of autism, Ana Warner dedicated herself to the care of her family as well as the study and treatment of autism spectrum disorder.

The Warners are willing and very capable to participate in marketing and promotion for their book. Both are comfortable with interviews and being in front of cameras. They are frank and forthcoming about the challenges they've faced. Since their decision to speak about their experiences, they've been featured on an ESPN national television segment and also been keynote speakers at a national autism conference at Penn State University and the Texas autism conference in San Antonio.

Ana Warner

Books by Ana Warner

by Ana Warner and Curt Warner, with Dave Boling - Memoir, Nonfiction

Seahawks star running back Curt Warner and his wife, Ana, were prominent figures in Seattle in the early 1990s. When they dropped from the public eye after Curt’s retirement, everyone assumed it was for a simpler life. But the reality behind their seclusion was a secret they hid from even their closest friends: their twins, Austin and Christian, had been diagnosed with severe autism. What followed was a painful struggle to hold their family and their marriage together in a home filled with chaos, emotional exhaustion, and constant fear for the safety of their unpredictable but beloved boys. Now, after years of silence, the Warners share their inspiring journey from stardom and success to heartbreaking self-imposed isolation.