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Dana Ridenour


Dana Ridenour

A retired FBI agent, author Dana Ridenour spent most of her career as a FBI undercover operative infiltrating various criminal organizations, including domestic terrorism extremists in the Animal Liberation Front.

Ridenour was born in Louisville, Kentucky. She graduated from Eastern Kentucky University with a Bachelor of Science in Police Administration in 1989. After college, Ridenour attended Chase Law School where she earned her Juris Doctor in 1992. 

Ridenour entered on duty as a special agent with the FBI in November of 1995 and retired April 6, 2016 with a little over 20 years on the job. Dana was assigned to four different FBI Field Divisions and had the opportunity to work a wide variety of cases to include multi-faceted narcotics investigations, domestic sex trafficking of minors, and violent crime. Over the years, she served as a member of the FBI's Evidence Response Team where she and her team traveled to New York City in response to the 9/11 World Trade Center attack. The highlight of Ridenour's career came in 2003 when she attended and passed the FBI's prestigious undercover school, thus allowing her to work as an undercover FBI agent. This undercover certification opened the door for Dana to work a series of long-term, deep-cover cases focusing on domestic terrorism. She had the rare experience of working a long-term undercover investigation with her husband who is a retired FBI agent.   

Dana Ridenour was the recipient of the 2014 Outstanding Law Enforcement Officer Award presented by the United States Attorney’s Office for her work on a gang related human trafficking investigation involving a 14-year old victim.

Dana now lives in Beaufort, South Carolina where she is working on her fourth novel. Her previous Lexie Montgomery novels are the award-winning BEHIND THE MASK and BEYOND THE CABIN.

Dana Ridenour

Books by Dana Ridenour

by Dana Ridenour - Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

After her last assignment went horribly wrong, FBI Special Agent Lexie Montgomery is determined to keep going with her undercover work. So when a Dutch constable goes missing, she jumps at the chance. Along with Blake Bennett, her unfamiliar new partner, Lexie is thrown into the Gathering, a haven for environmental activists planning illegal activity. As they try to get closer to the vanished constable, Blake begins to suspect that Lexie may be hiding an affinity for the eco-extremists' cause. With her loyalties in question from both sides, Lexie will be forced to prove herself as an undercover agent and as a new recruit for the terrorists' cause. But as time starts to run out, staying below the radar may prove harder than she had planned.