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Interview: Brad Meltzer, author of The First Counsel

Jan 26, 2001

January 26, 2001

Brad Meltzer is an author extraordinare --- not only can he write hair raising legal thrillers full of complex characters and enticing plot lines, but he can also conduct interviews in cars on his cell phone during a hectic author tour.'s Senior Writer Joe Hartlaub wrote the in-depth questions and managed to impress the author in the midst of traffic. Find out the details about Meltzer's new book, THE FIRST COUNSEL, how he dug up so much dirt on the White House, where you can find his cleverly inserted references that our eagle-eye reader Joe already discovered, what he has planned next, and much more.

Interview: Ken Follett, author of Code to Zero

Dec 15, 2000

December 15, 2000

CODE TO ZERO, is the intense new thriller from Ken Follett, the acclaimed author of EYE OF THE NEEDLE and THE THIRD TWIN. Writer Ann Bruns, a life-long fan, was eager to find out more about the man behind the books. Join our conversation with Follett as we question him about his writing, the CIA, communism, his early children's books, a hint about his next project and much more.

Interview: Jonathan Kellerman, author of Dr. Death

Dec 15, 2000

December 15, 2000

Jonathan Kellerman transports readers yet again with his new chilling and intellectual thriller, DR. DEATH. Join us as our resident Kellerman addict, Senior Writer Joe Hartlaub, delves inside the novel's doctor and author. Get a hint at what's in store for his popular recurring character, Alex Delaware, and much more in this interview.

Interview: Douglas Clegg, author of Mischief

Sep 17, 2000

September 15, 2000

While Stephen King has been grabbing all of the headlines recently for using the Internet to distribute his work, he is by no means the only established author who is utilizing cyberspace in new ways to distribute --- and market --- their work. Douglas Clegg, the acclaimed author of THE CHILDREN'S HOUR, THE NIGHTMARE CHRONICLES and YOU COME WHEN I CALL YOU, as well as last year's e-serialized NAOMI, recently inaugurated a website as part of a unique multimedia introduction to his trilogy THE HARROW HAUNTING, a very ambitious effort to combine conventional publishing and eBooks with other media. Clegg recently took time from his extremely busy schedule to discuss this groundbreaking project.

Interview: Jeffery Deaver, author of The Empty Chair

May 12, 2000

May 12, 2000

Jeffery Deaver is one of our favorite thriller writers. Not only can he quickly tap out nail-biting suspense novels, he is also genuine, sincere, and from all our email exchanges, kindhearted. You might expect a more frightening visage from the creator of such twisted stories as THE BONE COLLECTOR, but you'd be wrong. Recently, Joe Hartlaub,'s Senior Writer and thriller aficionado, had an opportunity to ask Deaver about his new thriller THE EMPTY CHAIR, future movies starring everyone's favorite protagonist Lincoln Rhyme, the honor of receiving the DREAM Award, and much more in our latest interview.