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Laura Marshall


Laura Marshall

Laura Marshall was shortlisted for several international awards for an as-yet-unpublished work for her debut novel FRIEND REQUEST. She lives in Kent, England.

Laura Marshall

Books by Laura Marshall

by Laura Marshall - Fiction

Seventeen-year-old Ellen falls under the spell of glamorous newcomer, Sasha. As Ellen is welcomed into Sasha's family, she doesn't see the darkness that lies beneath their musical, bohemian lifestyle. At a New Year's Eve party, events come to a dramatic head, resulting in a court case (in which Ellen is a key witness) that means family life at the Corner House will never be the same again. When Sasha disappears, Ellen is faced with the idea of finding out the truth about what really happened on New Year's Eve 12 years ago. This puts Ellen in terrible danger, and forces her to confront not only the past, but how well she really knows her best friend.

by Laura Marshall - Fiction, Mystery, Suspense

1989. When Louise first notices the new girl who has transferred late into their senior year, Maria seems to be everything the girls Louise hangs out with aren't. 2016. Maria Weston wants to be friends on Facebook. Long-buried memories quickly rise to the surface. Louise has always known that if the truth came out, she could lose everything. Maria's sudden reappearance threatens it all. But as she tries to piece together what happened that night, Louise discovers there's more to the story than she ever knew.