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Archives - April 2000

Interview: Donald E. Westlake, author of The Hook

Apr 21, 2000

April 21, 2000

Prolific author Donald E. Westlake, often referred to as the Mystery grand master, is back again with his latest thriller, THE HOOK. Not simply a mystery, THE HOOK, like his recent book THE AX, is full of psychological suspense.'s Senior Writer Joe Hartlaub has followed Westlake's career through the years, reading Westlake and his infamous pseudonym, Richard Stark. Delve into Donald's dark world with Joe as your guide in this interview.

Author Talk: Christopher Reich, author of The Runner

Apr 1, 2000

April 2000

Q: You've spoken about the moment in history that inspired THE RUNNER. Can you describe it for readers, and explain why it sparked this thriller from you?