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Archives - February 2004

Interview: Reed Arvin, author of The Last Goodbye

Feb 20, 2004

February 20, 2004

In this interview with's Suspense/Thriller Author Spotlight team (Carol Fitzgerald, Joe Hartlaub and Wiley Saichek) Reed Arvin, author of THE LAST GOODBYE, talks about the major themes in his latest book, his decision to write novels after a successful career in the music business and a humorous --- yet slightly embarrassing --- incident that occurred while he was doing research for his next thriller.

Interview: Suzanne O'Malley, author of Are You There Alone? The Unspeakable Crime of Andrea Yates

Feb 20, 2004

February 20, 2004

In June 2001, Andrea Yates drowned her five children. The following year she was sentenced to life imprisonment for these murders. Suzanne O'Malley, a journalist, covered this trial for numerous publications and had unique access to Andrea and Rusty Yates. As the author of ARE YOU THERE ALONE?: The Unspeakable Crime of Andrea Yates, O'Malley talks to's Diana Keough about Andrea and Rusty Yates, the depths of Andrea's mental illness and what she has been hearing from readers.

Interview: Joyce Maynard, author of The Usual Rules

Feb 6, 2004

February 6, 2004

Jesse Kornbluth and Carol Fitzgerald, co-Founders of interviewed Joyce Maynard, author of THE USUAL RULES. Read on to learn why Maynard used 9/11 as the backdrop for her story, as well as why writing this book had such a personal impact on her. See why THE USUAL RULES is a great discussion book for book clubs (and the books that Maynard suggests pairing it with), as well as how Wendy, the teen protagonist has had an impact on younger readers.

Feature: George Pelecanos, author of Soul Circus

Feb 1, 2004


George P. Pelecanos, author of SOUL CIRCUS, the latest in a series of bestselling series of novels set in and around Washington, D.C., enjoys listening to music while on book tours. He tries to select a variety of tunes that he can be play on long drives, in airports, on planes and in hotel rooms. Read on as Pelecanos talks about some of the music he will listen to during his month-long tour promoting SOUL CIRCUS.

Author Talk: Daniel Silva, author of A Death in Vienna

Feb 1, 2004

February 2004

In this interview Daniel Silva talks about his decision to write a series of books based on the Holocaust, the surprising information he learned while doing research for A DEATH IN VIENNA and the unforgettable experience he had visiting Treblinka.