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Archives - July 2010

Author Talk: Carl Hiaasen, author of Star Island

Jul 30, 2010

Carl Hiaasen has made a name for himself publishing timely, biting satires like NATURE GIRL, FLUSH and SKINNY DIP. His latest work of fiction, STAR ISLAND, takes jabs at celebrity and media culture through the story of a 22-year-old celebutante whose “undercover stunt double” is kidnapped by an obsessive paparazzo. In this interview, Hiaasen explains what inspired this quirky plot and reflects on the importance of sympathizing with even the sleaziest characters he’s created.

Interview: Hana Samek Norton, author of The Sixth Surrender

Jul 27, 2010

Author Hana Samek Norton talks about her passion for reading and discusses how challenging her students in the classroom was the key to writing her first book.

Author Talk: Daniel Silva, author of The Rembrandt Affair

Jul 23, 2010

When you’re a former assassin and a living legend among those in covert operations, it can be hard to catch a break. Gabriel Allon’s double life as an art restorer and an internationally renowned spy interface once again as he’s recruited to recover a long-lost masterpiece in THE REMBRANDT AFFAIR, Daniel Silva’s 10th installment in his bestselling Gabriel Allon series.

Author Talk: Kim Wright, author of Love in Mid Air

Jul 23, 2010

Two recent novels --- HUSBAND AND WIFE by Leah Stewart and LOVE IN MID AIR by Kim Wright --- each center on relationships in crisis, and explore the complexities and the hardships that arise through years of marriage.

Author Talk: Tana French, author of Faithful Place

Jul 16, 2010

Following the critically acclaimed bestsellers IN THE WOODS and THE LIKENESS, Tana French’s new novel, FAITHFUL PLACE, centers on undercover police detective Frank Mackey, who must come to terms with past demons when his estranged first love becomes the subject of his latest murder case. In this interview, French elaborates on her main character’s tumultuous history and --- despite having lived all over the world --- explains what continually draws her to Ireland as a setting.

Author Talk: Jennifer Weiner, author of Fly Away Home

Jul 16, 2010

Jennifer Weiner’s latest work of fiction, FLY AWAY HOME, centers on a mother and her adult daughters whose relationship is strained amidst personal failures and public humiliations. In this interview, Weiner discusses what prompted her to steer away from her typical twenty- and thirty-something narrators to create a middle-aged protagonist, and elaborates on the influence of various current events that helped to shape the novel’s plot.

Interview: John Gilstrap, author of Hostage Zero

Jul 9, 2010

John Gilstrap’s sixth novel, HOSTAGE ZERO, is the follow-up to last year’s NO MERCY, and finds freelance covert op Jonathan Grave investigating the kidnapping of two boys from a facility for the children of imprisoned criminals. In this interview with’s Joe Hartlaub, Gilstrap explains what prompted him to make this unconventional school the focus of his latest thriller and explores his protagonist’s motivations for solving the crime.

Interview: JoAnn Ross, author of The Homecoming

Jul 9, 2010

JoAnn Ross’s latest novel, THE HOMECOMING, is the first installment in her new Shelter Bay series and follows an ex-Navy SEAL who returns to his hometown after fighting abroad, looking to start over. In this interview with’s Hillary Wagy, Ross discusses what drew her to the Oregon coast as the setting for this story of survival and redemption, and what appeals to her about creating men in uniform as her main characters.

Interview: Nancy Bush, author of Blind Spot

Jul 2, 2010’s Stephen Hubbard recently spoke to Nancy Bush, author of numerous mysteries and romantic suspense thrillers, including the newly released BLIND SPOT. In this interview, Bush talks about the real-life crimes that inspired the book’s premise and gives readers insight into how she plots her novels. She also discusses her fascination with cults, contrasts her “wimpy” personality with that of her heroic protagonist, and shares details about her next co-writing project with her sister, Lisa Jackson.

Interview: Carla Neggers, author of The Whisper

Jul 2, 2010

Carla Neggers is the bestselling author of over 50 books, including THE RAPIDS, DARK SKY, ABANDON, and the newly released THE WHISPER. In this interview with's Amie Taylor, Neggers talks about what first inspired her to write this follow-up to her previous works THE WIDOW, THE ANGEL and THE MIST, and explains how she first became interested in Celtic history, which figures greatly in the novel.