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Archives - August 2010

Author Talk: Anne Fortier, author of Juliet

Aug 27, 2010

Writing for the first time in English, Danish author Anne Fortier brings Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy to life in her debut novel, JULIET, which follows a young American as she journeys to Siena, only to discover that she’s a direct descendent of the woman who inspired ROMEO AND JULIET. In this interview, Fortier discusses the challenge of taking on Shakespeare and the difficulty of writing a historical novel, elaborating on the differences between the past and the present and how she managed to weave the two together.

Author Talk: Stephen White, author of The Last Lie

Aug 20, 2010

Psychologist turned author Stephen White brings the protagonist of his bestselling Alan Gregory series back to center stage in his latest novel, THE LAST LIE, which finds his main character probing into the assault of a woman under his own roof. In this interview, White discusses some of the recent media events that inspired the plot of the book, and explains why he chose to risk altering the relationship between his main characters in such a long-running series.

Interview: Henry Perez, author of Mourn the Living

Aug 6, 2010

Henry Perez follows up last year’s acclaimed thriller, KILLING RED, with MOURN THE LIVING, which finds reporter Alex Chapa investigating a serial killer with an unusual calling card who is responsible for the murder of a friend and colleague. In this interview with’s Joe Hartlaub, Perez discusses the different elements he had woven together to create the plot of this story and speculates on the appeal of journalists in mystery fiction.

Author Talk: Philippa Gregory, author of The Red Queen

Aug 6, 2010

Philippa Gregory’s second installment in The Cousins’ War series, THE RED QUEEN, centers on Lady Margaret Beaufort --- matriarch of the House of Tudor, mother to King Henry VII, and political rival of Elizabeth Woodville, the protagonist of last year’s THE WHITE QUEEN. In this interview, Gregory compares the two influential monarchs in their roles as dynastic pawns and political figures alike, and elaborates on what their positions in a male-dominated society reveal about women in the 15th century.

Author Talk: Elizabeth Brundage, author of A Stranger Like You

Aug 6, 2010

Elizabeth Brundage’s third novel, A STRANGER LIKE YOU, is a psychological thriller that centers on a Hollywood executive who is abducted by a spurned screenwriter bent on proving the plausibility of his rejected script. In this interview, Brundage elaborates on the various themes and elements explored in this latest work --- including religion, sexism and war --- and discusses her instinctual writing process that relies on choices made by the characters she creates.