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Archives - September 2012

Interview: Rebecca Coleman, author of Heaven Should Fall

Sep 28, 2012's Amie Taylor talks with Rebecca Coleman about her new work of fiction, HEAVEN SHOULD FALL, in which a woman who puts her life on hold for her baby and husband ends up sacrificing much more than she ever anticipated. In this interview, Coleman discusses the characters of Jill and Cade, where the idea for the book originated, and the pressure to deliver following her debut novel, THE KINGDOM OF CHILDHOOD.

Author Talk: Lisa Genova, author of Love Anthony

Sep 28, 2012

Lisa Genova --- author of STILL ALICE and LEFT NEGLECTED --- talks about her new book, LOVE ANTHONY, and the awareness she hopes to raise for autism, one of the many topics she tackles here. She also describes her writing process and the kind of research she did in preparation for the novel.

Author Talk: T.C. Boyle, author of San Miguel

Sep 21, 2012

T. C. Boyle’s latest novel, SAN MIGUEL, revolves around the stories of two women --- one in the 1880s and the other in the 1930s --- who inhabited the beautiful and isolated San Miguel Island off the coast of California. In this interview, Boyle talks about the history of the island, the art of writing historical fiction, and his upcoming collection of short stories.

Author Talk: Beverly Lewis, author of The Bridesmaid: Home to Hickory Hollow, Book 2

Sep 17, 2012

Beverly Lewis' new novel, THE BRIDESMAID, is the sequel to her April 2012 release, THE FIDDLER. In this interview, Lewis explains why she decided to revisit the setting of Hickory Hollow, comments on the reaction of readers to the stand-alone aspect of her latest series, and talks about some of the characters in her novel, including her heroine, Joanna Kurtz, whose secret writing life is very similar to her own.

Author Talk: Mary C. Neal, M.D., author of To Heaven and Back: A Doctor's Extraordinary Account of Her Death, Heaven, Angels, and Life Again: A True Story

Sep 17, 2012

A kayak accident during a South American adventure took orthopedic surgeon, devoted wife and loving mother Dr. Mary C. Neal to heaven --- where she experienced God’s peace, joy and angels --- and back to life again. In this interview, Dr. Neal talks about her remarkable near-death experience, which she recounts in her compelling memoir, TO HEAVEN AND BACK; its impact on her life and faith; and why she believes she returned to Earth.

Author Talk: Bob Spitz, author of Dearie: The Remarkable Life of Julia Child

Sep 14, 2012

DEARIE, Bob Spitz’s latest biography, is an up-close and personal look at the Queen of Cooking herself, Julia Child. Spitz lovingly outlines the story of the privileged and unmotivated young Julia McWilliams throughout her life and transformation into Julia Child, The French Chef. In this interview, Spitz discusses how Child forever changed US supermarkets and household cuisine, and the crush he developed on the passionate, no-nonsense woman who inspired Americans to go back into the kitchen.

Interview: Linwood Barclay, author of Trust Your Eyes

Sep 7, 2012

In Linwood Barclay’s new thriller, TRUST YOUR EYES, Thomas Kilbride, a schizophrenic man who believes he’s employed by the CIA, stumbles across an image of a murder taking place in New York City on “Whirl360,” a street-view website. This sudden revelation leaves Thomas with something much more dangerous than his delusions to contend with as he is drawn into a fatal scheme. In this interview, conducted by’s Joe Hartlaub, Barclay talks about the joys of virtual travel, the difference between writing stand-alone novels and books that are part of a series, and his future projects --- which include a sequel to 2007’s NO TIME FOR GOODBYE.