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Archives - February 2017

Author Talk: Frederick Ramsay, author of Copper Kettle

Feb 9, 2017

Frederick Ramsay has authored mysteries set in Virginia (the Ike Schwartz Mysteries) and Botswana (PREDATORS, REAPERS), as well as a number of stand-alones. His latest, COPPER KETTLE, is set right after World War I and has war hero Jesse Sutherlin returning to his home a changed man. When a murder ignites an old family feud, Jesse must investigate before tensions come to a head. In this interview, Ramsay discusses his decision to go back in history with the Sutherlin family, who are featured prominently in his Ike Schwartz books. He also opens up about his research methods, how readers’ comments have affected his writing, and whether or not COPPER KETTLE will be expanded into its own series.