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Regina O'Melveny


Regina O'Melveny

Regina O’Melveny is a writer, teacher and assemblage artist. Her award-winning poetry and prose have been anthologized and widely published in literary magazines such as The Bellingham Review, rattapallax, The Sun, The LA Weekly, Solo and Barrow Street.

Recently she won the Poetry Award presented by Conflux Press which published her work as an artist’s book designed by Tania Baban.

Her manuscript Blue Wolves, a collection of poems with reproductions of her assemblages, won the Bright Hill Press poetry book award in New York.

Books by Regina O'Melveny

by Regina O'Melveny - Fiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Mystery

Gabriella Mondini is a rarity in 16th-century Venice: a woman who practices medicine. When her father disappears, Gabriella faces a crisis: she is no longer permitted to treat her patients, women who need her desperately, without her father's patronage. She sets out across Europe to find where --- and why --- he has gone.