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Sheila Weller


Sheila Weller

Sheila Weller is the author of the acclaimed memoir DANCING AT CIRO'S and the New York Times bestseller GIRLS LIKE US: Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon — and the Journey of a Generation, among other books. She is a contributor to Vanity Fair, The New York Times Book Review and Glamour, and has written for many other magazines, winning numerous awards for her articles.

Sheila Weller

Books by Sheila Weller

by Sheila Weller - Autobiography, Biography, Nonfiction

Sourced by friends, colleagues, and witnesses to all stages of Fisher’s life, CARRIE FISHER is an affectionate and even-handed portrayal of a woman whose unsurpassed honesty is a reminder of how things should be. This is a big book about a small woman with a larger-than-life spirit and impact.

by Sheila Weller - Biography, Nonfiction

For decades, women battered the walls of the male fortress of television journalism. After fierce struggles, three women --- Diane Sawyer, Katie Couric and Christiane Amanpour --- broke into the newsroom’s once impenetrable “boys’ club.” Drawing on exclusive interviews with their colleagues and intimates from childhood on, THE NEWS SORORITY reveals the hard struggles and inner strengths that shaped these women and powered their success.