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Archives - December 2012

Julie Lessman --- whose latest novel, A LOVE SURRENDERED, concludes her Winds of Change series --- talks about how a book that impacts your life the way GONE WITH THE WIND did hers is the true definition of “a gift that keeps on giving.” She illustrates how her passion for God combined with the passion for romance that the Margaret Mitchell classic ignited in her inspired her to become a romance writer.
Jon Katz is a writer and a photographer whose books about his relationships with dogs have made him a bestselling author. His latest effort is DANCING DOGS, his first-ever collection of short stories that explores the bonds between humans and animals. In this Holiday Blog post, Jon recollects a memorable Christmas where he made a new friend: a horribly neglected donkey named Simon, who was rescued from a nearby farm. He saved the animal’s life by nursing him back to health and reading to him everyday from a book called PLATERO AND I, a story about a man and his burro.