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20 Audiobook Suggestions to Get You Listening

Before March of this year, I had not listened to an audiobook. I started with SHOTGUN LOVESONGS, which I had read in manuscript the previous year; I wanted to refresh my memory about it as it was just being published, and I thoroughly enjoyed the multi-cast recording. As I was listening, I realized I could increase the productivity of my commute time expontentially by listening. I took this opportunity to explore a range of titles (including some backlist ones that I had missed) and narrators. During my “test drives,” I came up with a list of 20 audiobooks that I think have good storylines and appealing narrators that would be good gateways for those who have never listened --- and also will be choices that aficionados will enjoy as well.

It took me time to come up with this list as I confess that there are some narrations that I just could not wrap my ears around (witty, eh?). Please note that with the exception of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD and THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, much of this material is toooo adult for young ears, thus listen with discretion! For each title, I have made a note on what I appreciated about it.

Here's to listening!

Curated by Carol Fitzgerald