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Celebrating Edward Herrmann: Audiobook Narrator Extraordinaire

As I have been exploring audiobooks, I found a favorite narrator in Edward Herrmann. Thus far, he has “read me” UNBROKEN, ENDURING COURAGE and THE BOYS ON THE BOAT. All were books that were on my “to listen to” list as I had not had time to read them in print form. His narration was so powerful that I decided to curate a bookshelf of other titles that he has narrated. I culled three shelves of history and biography books, as well as a shelf of fiction titles. I rarely have time to read nonfiction, especially backlist titles, thus I am looking forward to the opportunity to catch up this way. If you, like me, enjoy his narration, this will be an easy way to find another book to love. Sadly Herrmann passed away in December, thus we are calling this bookshelf “a celebration” of his work. Please note that all of his work is not shown here, but what you will find is a very robust collection to get you started.

Curated by Carol Fitzgerald