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Curious about what books will be released in the months ahead so you can pre-order or reserve them? Then click on the months below.

Please note we have not included every book that is coming out, but rather some that caught our eye --- and that we thought should catch yours as well.

October 2019

What Is Missing by Michael Frank - Family, Fiction, Literary, Literary Fiction, Psychological Suspense

Farrar, Straus & Giroux | 9780374298388 | Published October 8, 2019

Costanza Ansaldo, a half-Italian and half-American translator, is convinced that she has made peace with her childlessness. A year after the death of her husband, an eminent writer, she returns to the pensione in Florence where she spent many happy times in her youth, and there she meets, first, Andrew Weissman, an acutely sensitive seventeen-year-old, and, soon afterward, his father, Henry Weissman, a charismatic New York physician who specializes in --- as it happens --- reproductive medicine. With three lives each marked by heartbreak and absence—of a child, a parent, a partner, or a clear sense of identity ---  WHAT IS MISSING offers Costanza, Andrew, and Henry the opportunity to make themselves whole when the triangle resumes three months later in New York.

What Is Missing by Michael Frank - Family, Fiction, Literary, Literary Fiction, Psychological Suspense

Farrar, Straus & Giroux | 9780374298388 | Published October 8, 2019

The Mistletoe Matchmaker by Felicity Hayes-McCoy - Family, Family Life, Fiction, Holiday

Harper Perennial | 9780062799067 | Published October 8, 2019

The days are turning colder, preparations are under way for the Winter Fest, and everyone is hoping for a little holiday magic on the Finfarran peninsula. And as Cassie Fitzgerald, fresh from Toronto, is about to discover, there’s more to the holidays on the west coast of Ireland than mistletoe and mince pies. Enchanted by the small town where her dad was born, Cassie makes friends and joins local librarian Hanna Casey’s writing group in Lissbeg Library. But the more she’s drawn into the festivities leading up to her first Irish Christmas, the more questions she wants to ask. As Christmas Eve approaches, it’s Cassie, who reminds Lissbeg’s locals that love, family, and friendship bring true magic to the season. But will her own, fractured family rediscover the joys of coming home?


Cilka's Journey by Heather Morris - Fiction, Historical Fiction, World History

St. Martin's Press | 9781250265708 | Published October 1, 2019

Cilka is just sixteen years old when she is taken to Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp in 1942, where the commandant immediately notices how beautiful she is. Forcibly separated from the other women prisoners, Cilka learns quickly that power, even unwillingly taken, equals survival. When the war is over and the camp is liberated, freedom is not granted to Cilka: She is charged as a collaborator for sleeping with the enemy and sent to a Siberian prison camp. But did she really have a choice? Confronting death and terror daily, Cilka discovers a strength she never knew she had. And when she begins to tentatively form bonds and relationships in this harsh, new reality, Cilka finds that despite everything that has happened to her, there is room in her heart for love.

A Team of Their Own: How an International Sisterhood Made Olympic History by Seth Berkman - Autobiography, Biography, Nonfiction, Sports

Hanover Square Press | 9781335005533 | Published October 1, 2019

Two weeks before the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics, South Korea’s women’s hockey team was forced into a predicament that no president, ambassador or general had been able to resolve in the sixty-five years since the end of the Korean War. Against all odds, the group of young women were able to bring North and South Korea closer than ever before. Now the special kinship they had developed would guide them through the biggest challenge of their careers. Suddenly thrust into an international spotlight, they showed the powerful meaning of what a unified Korea could resemble. In A TEAM OF THEIR OWN, Seth Berkman goes behind the scenes to tell the story of these young women as they became a team amid immense political pressure and personal turmoil.

Bloody Genius by John Sandford - Crime, Fiction, Literary Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

G.P. Putnam's Sons | 9780525536611 | Published October 1, 2019

At the local state university, two feuding departments have faced off on the battleground of science and medicine. Each carries their views to extremes that may seem absurd, but highly educated people of sound mind and good intentions can reasonably disagree, right?

Civilized to Death: The Price of Progress by Christopher Ryan - Cultural Studies, Culture, Nonfiction, Social Sciences

Avid Reader Press/Simon & Schuster | 9781451659108 | Published October 1, 2019

Most of us have instinctive evidence the world is ending --- balmy December days, face-to-face conversation replaced with heads-to-screens zomboidism, a world at constant war, a political system in disarray. We hear some myths and lies so frequently that they feel like truths: Civilization is humankind’s greatest accomplishment. Progress is undeniable. Count your blessings. You’re lucky to be alive here and now. Well, maybe we are and maybe we aren’t. Civilized to Death counters the idea that progress is inherently good, arguing that the “progress” defining our age is analogous to an advancing disease.

Country by Michael Hughes - Fiction, Literary

Custom House | 9780062940322 | Published October 1, 2019

Crusaders: The Epic History of the Wars for the Holy Lands by Dan Jones - History, Nonfiction, Politics, Social Issues

Viking | 9780525428312 | Published October 1, 2019

For more than one thousand years, Christians and Muslims lived side by side, sometimes at peace and sometimes at war. When Christian armies seized Jerusalem in 1099, they began the most notorious period of conflict between the two religions. Depending on who you ask, the fall of the holy city was either an inspiring legend or the greatest of horrors. In Crusaders, Dan Jones interrogates the many sides of the larger story, charting a deeply human and avowedly pluralist path through the crusading era.

Dachshund Through the Snow by David Rosenfelt - Fiction, Mystery

Minotaur Books | 9781250237682 | Published October 1, 2019

Lawyer Andy Carpenter and his wife, Laurie, have started a new Christmas tradition. Their local pet store has a Christmas tree, where instead of ornaments there are wishes from those in need. One poignant wish leads Andy to a child named Danny, whose selfless plea strikes a chord. Danny asked Santa for a coat for his mother, a sweater for his dachshund, Murphy and for the safe return of his missing father. It turns out Danny’s father doesn't want to be found, he’s on the run after just being arrested for a murder that took place fourteen years ago --- a murder that Danny’s mother swears he didn’t commit.

Frankissstein by Jeanette Winterson - Fiction, Horror

Grove Press | 9780802129499 | Published October 1, 2019

Lake Geneva, 1816. Nineteen-year-old Mary Shelley is inspired to write a story about a scientist who creates a new life-form. In Brexit Britain, a young transgender doctor called Ry is falling in love with Victor Stein, a celebrated professor leading the public debate around AI and carrying out some experiments of his own in a vast underground network of tunnels. Meanwhile, Ron Lord, just divorced and living with his mom again, is set to make his fortune launching a new generation of sex dolls for lonely men everywhere. Across the Atlantic, in Phoenix, Arizona, a cryogenics facility houses dozens of bodies of men and women who are medically and legally dead… but waiting to return to life.

Full Throttle: Stories by Joe Hill - Fiction, Short Stories

William Morrow | 9780062200679 | Published October 1, 2019

A little door that opens to a world of fairy tale wonders becomes the blood-drenched stomping ground for a gang of hunters in “Faun.”  In “By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain,” two young friends stumble on the corpse of a plesiosaur at the water’s edge, a discovery that forces them to confront the inescapable truth of their own mortality...and other horrors that lurk in the water’s shivery depths. And tension shimmers in the sweltering heat of the Nevada desert as a faceless trucker finds himself caught in a sinister dance with a tribe of motorcycle outlaws in “Throttle,” co-written with Stephen King. FULL THROTTLE is a darkly imagined odyssey through the complexities of the human psyche.

Half Way Home by Hugh Howey - Fiction, Science, Science Fiction

John Joseph Adams/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt | 9780358213246 | Published October 1, 2019

Five hundred colonists have been sent across the stars to settle an alien planet. Vat-grown in a dream-like state, they are educated through simulations by an artificial intelligence and should awaken at thirty years old, fully-trained, and ready to tame the new world. But fifteen years in, an explosion on their vessel kills most of the homesteaders and destroys the majority of their supplies. Worse yet, the sixty that awaken and escape the flames are only half-taught and possess the skills least useful for survival. Naked and terrified, the teens stumble from their fiery baptism ill-prepared for the unfamiliar and harsh alien world around themTheir greatest danger is each other.

Here We Are: American Dreams, American Nightmares by Aarti Shahani - Memoir, Nonfiction

Celadon Books | 9781250204752 | Published October 1, 2019

The Shahanis came to Queens --- from India, by way of Casablanca --- in the 1980s. They were undocumented for a few years and then, with the arrival of their green cards, they thought they’d made it. This memoir is the story of how they did, and didn’t. HERE WE ARE: AMERICAN DREAMS, AMERICAN NIGHTMARES follows the lives of Aarti, the precocious scholarship kid at one of Manhattan’s most elite prep schools, and her dad, the shopkeeper who mistakenly sells watches and calculators to the notorious Cali drug cartel. Together, the two represent the extremes that coexist in our country, even within a single family, and a truth about immigrants that gets lost in the headlines. It isn’t a matter of good or evil; it’s complicated.

Hitler: A Global Biography by Brendan Simms - Biography, History, International Relations, Nonfiction

Basic Books | 9780465022373 | Published October 1, 2019

HITLER offers a deeply learned and radically revisionist biography, arguing that the dictator's main strategic enemy, from the start of his political career in the 1920s, was not communism or the Soviet Union, but capitalism and the United States. Whereas most historians have argued that Hitler underestimated the American threat, Simms shows that Hitler embarked on a preemptive war with the United States precisely because he considered it such a potent adversary. The war against the Jews was driven both by his anxiety about combatting the supposed forces of international plutocracy and by a broader desire to maintain the domestic cohesion he thought necessary for survival on the international scene.

Imaginary Friend by Stephen Chbosky - Family, Fiction, Gothic, Paranormal Mystery, Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Thriller

Grand Central Publishing | 9781538731338 | Published October 1, 2019

Single mother Kate Reese is on the run. Determined to improve life for her and her son, she flees an abusive relationship in the middle of the night. Together, they find themselves drawn to the tight-knit community of Mill Grove, Pennsylvania. At first, it seems like the perfect place to finally settle down. Then Christopher vanishes. For six awful days, no one can find him. Until Christopher emerges from the woods at the edge of town, unharmed but not unchanged. He returns with a voice in his head only he can hear, with a mission only he can complete: Build a tree house in the woods by Christmas, or his mother and everyone in the town will never be the same again.

No Way to Die by Warren C. Easley - Fiction, Mystery, Thriller

Poisoned Pen Press | 9781492699231 | Published October 1, 2019

Cal Claxton is a top attorney in Oregon. He was, earlier, a crusading prosecutor in LA. He left LA after his wife succumbed to suicide. His daughter Claire is the light of his world. Cal decides to go on a vacation with Claire to south of Coos Bay in the breathtakingly beautiful Oregon Coast. Father and daughter want to relax and fish in Oregon's coastal area but their plans get jilted. Astoundingly, they discover a dead body in the river much to their horror. An investigation is soon conducted into the mysterious death and dark details follow soon. There are tenuous ties and sinister secrets in this coastal community. The teenage grandson of a local bookshop owner, who is also a vociferous environmental activist, had been convicted of murder. Soon, the father-daughter duo uncover skeletons in the closet that could jeopardize the existence of the two.

One Night Gone by Tara Laskowski - Drama, Fiction, Mystery, Suspense

Graydon House | 9781525832192 | Published October 1, 2019

One sultry summer, Maureen Haddaway arrives in the wealthy town of Opal Beach to start her life anew --- to achieve her destiny. But Maureen’s new life just might be too good to be true, and before the summer is up, she vanishes. Decades later, when Allison Simpson is offered the opportunity to house-sit in Opal Beach during the off-season, it seems like the perfect chance to begin fresh after a messy divorce. But when she becomes drawn into the mysterious disappearance of a girl thirty years before, Allison realizes the gorgeous homes of Opal Beach hide dark secrets.

Pursuit by Joyce Carol Oates - Fiction, Literary, Literary Fiction, Suspense, Thriller

Mysterious Press | 9780802147912 | Published October 1, 2019

Quantum: A Thriller by Patricia Cornwell - Fiction, Mystery, Thriller

Thomas & Mercer | 9781542094061 | Published October 1, 2019

Captain Calli Chase is on a top-secret mission to space. In the tunnels of a NASA research center, she uncovers a tripped alarm. As a pilot, physicist and cybercrime detective, she is mortified. She is aware that an impending blizzard and a subsequent government shutdown could be the perfect foil for subterfuge. The situation is far more sinister than she imagined. A smattering of dried blood, a missing badge and a bizarre suicide pinpoints to Carme, her twin sister. In an effort to stave off disaster and exonerate her beloved sister, Captain Chase burrows into her painful past as well as her treasure trove of knowledge in cybersecurity to solve the cryptic puzzle as well as the conundrum to her twin's weird behavior. She knows failure is not an option as that would spell doomsday not just for the cherished space program but for the entire nation.

Robert Ludlum's The Treadstone Resurrection by Joshua Hood - Adventure, Fiction, Political Thriller, Spy Fiction

G.P. Putnam's Sons | 9780525542551 | Published October 1, 2019

Operation Treadstone has nearly ruined Adam Hayes. The top-secret CIA Black Ops program trained him to be an all but invincible assassin, but it also cost him his family and any chance at a normal life. Which is why he was determined to get out. Working as a carpenter in rural Washington state, Adam thinks he has left Treadstone in the past, until he receives a mysterious email from a former colleague, and soon after is attacked by an unknown hit team at his job site.

Sarah Jane by James Sallis - Fiction, Literary, Literary Fiction, Literary Mystery, Mystery, Noir, Psychological Thriller, Thriller

Soho Crime | 9781641290807 | Published October 1, 2019

Sarah Jane Pullman is a good cop with a complicated past. From her small-town, chicken-farming roots through her runaway adolescence, court-ordered Army stint, ill-advised marriage and years slinging scrambled eggs over greasy spoon griddles, Sarah Jane unfolds her life story, a parable about memory, atonement and finding shape in chaos. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she is named the de-facto sheriff of a rural town, investigating the mysterious disappearance of the sheriff, whose shoes she’s filling --- and the even more mysterious realities of the life he was hiding from his own colleagues and closest friends.

Stealing Green Mangoes: Two Brothers, Two Fates, One Indian Childhood by Sunil Dutta - Autobiography, Biography, Memoir, Nonfiction

Ecco | 9780062795854 | Published October 1, 2019

Sunil Dutta is a twenty-year veteran of the LAPD. Before that, he was a biologist at the University of California and a translator of classic Indian poetry. Before that, he was a destitute refugee, one of so many uprooted by the genocidal violence surrounding the Partition of India. Back then, he had a brother. Sunil looked up to Raju. But Raju took a different path. He was arrested, he fled the law, he became a fugitive. He became a terrorist. Then he became a father --- and then a murderer. After being diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer later in life, Sunil urgently wanted to understand what choices had led he and his brother down such radically different paths. Dutta takes us from his family home in Rajasthan to America, to France, to the streets of southeastern Los Angeles.

Takes One to Know One by Susan Isaacs - Fiction, Literary, Literary Fiction, Thriller

Atlantic Monthly Press | 9780802147554 | Published October 1, 2019

Just a few years ago, Corie Geller was busting terrorists as an agent for the FBI. But at thirty-five, she traded in her badge for the stability of marriage and motherhood. Now Corie is married to the brilliant and remarkably handsome Judge Josh Geller and is the adoptive mother of his lovely 14-year-old daughter. Between cooking meals and playing chauffeur, Corie scouts Arabic fiction for a few literary agencies and, on Wednesdays, has lunch with her fellow Shorehaven freelancers at a so-so French restaurant. Life is, as they say, fine.  But at her weekly lunches, Corie senses that something's off. Pete Delaney, a milquetoast package designer, always shows up early, sits in the same spot (often with a different phone in hand), and keeps one eye on the Jeep he parks in the lot across the street. Corie intuitively feels that Pete is hiding something.

The Butterfly Girl by Rene Denfeld - Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Harper | 9780062698162 | Published October 1, 2019

A year ago, Naomi, the investigator with an uncanny ability for finding missing children, made a promise that she would not take another case until she finds the younger sister who has been missing for years. Naomi has no picture, not even a name. All she has is a vague memory of a strawberry field at night, black dirt under her bare feet as she ran for her life.The search takes her to Portland, Oregon, where scores of homeless children wander the streets like ghosts, searching for money, food, and companionship. Though she does not want to get involved, Naomi is unable to resist the pull of children in need.