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A Noise Downstairs Bets On...

A Noise Downstairs

August 2018

After reading A NOISE DOWNSTAIRS by Linwood Barclay, I daresay that you will not look at an Underwood typewriter the same way again. In it, Paul, a college professor, has been a witness to a terrible crime that has him suffering from PTSD. His wife brings home an Underwood typewriter as a present, hoping that seeing it will encourage him to share his thoughts on the tragedy that has befallen him and help him move on. Soon Paul starts hearing the typewriter typing downstairs during the night, and left for him are terse messages that only increase his angst.

A NOISE DOWNSTAIRS is brisk, and there is one big action point that will give you pause and then a few more rapid-fire ones at the end that keep the story ramping up until the very last page. Linwood is brilliant at laying clues that keep you guessing. In fact, you will read thinking, Is this the clue?, trying to best the author.

Linwood’s description of the Underwood typewriter made me long for the old cast iron one that I typed merrily along on for many years as a kid. I loved it (and last month, my dad told me he still has it in the attic!). And I loved this book. To me, it's Linwood's best book.

A Noise Downstairs
by Linwood Barclay