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The Favorite Daughter Bets On...

The Favorite Daughter

May 2019

There are authors who write with a really distinctive voice. Kaira Rouda is one of them. I loved her last book, BEST DAY EVER, and opening THE FAVORITE DAUGHTER, I saw that once again she had nailed a super edgy tone in her writing. I am not sure what it says about me that I love her narcissist protagonists, but she gives them such strong personalities that I have to read more and not look away. THE FAVORITE DAUGHTER is edgy much the same as BEST DAY EVER. It is a complete page-turner of a train-wrecked life that consumed my day when I read it --- and I loved every minute of being totally drawn into it.

Her protagonist, Jane, is the kind of woman who appalls you, but there is something that draws you in to see what this woman could possibly do next. And as much as you might think you will guess, I daresay you will be wrong.

Jane had an enviable life: a handsome husband, two daughters and a fabulous home in southern California. But her world was shattered when her daughter, Mary, died a year ago in a tragic accident. As the anniversary approaches, Jane is ready to reclaim her life and get back in control. Control is something Jane knows --- and prides herself on.

But while she was away in her grieving haze, her family and others moved on. Now she is getting notes that Mary may not have died the way she thought, and this really upends her world. Jane, perhaps the world you cultivated is not so perfect. Cue the drama. And bring on a rollercoaster of a fast-paced read as we watch Jane unravel, or perhaps tie herself up deeper into her own web.

After reading THE FAVORITE DAUGHTER, I joked with Kaira, telling her that her characters terrify me. Her reply: "They should!" And she is right about that! If you are looking for a quick, fast-paced and edgy read, this one has it all.

The Favorite Daughter
by Kaira Rouda