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Father's Day Books 2012

Father's Day

Father's Day Books 2012

What could be more comforting than the soothing voice of your father reading you a bedtime story, or his strong presence keeping you from falling as you learn to ride a bike? The big --- and small --- things dads do for us are countless, and too often we forget to say "thanks," so it’s nice to pause like we do in June to do just that. We encourage you to take a moment and pay tribute to the men around you who are called “Dad.” To celebrate his special day on June 17th, has compiled a number of books that honor, help and inspire the dads in our lives, serving as a reminder that we will always love, respect and appreciate them.

5-Minute Faith Builders for Men: Discovering God's Tools for Wisdom and Success by Bob Barnes - Christain Living


Bob provides insightful, to-the-point devotions to help men discover and apply God’s wisdom to their daily lives. With down-to-earth style, he encourages men to build a strong relationship with Jesus, use the Bible as their guide, and walk their faith with conviction and gratitude. Rerelease of MEN UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

52 Things Kids Need from a Dad: What Fathers Can Do to Make a Lifelong Difference by Jay Payleitner - Christain Living


Straightforward features with step-up-to-the-mark challenges make this an empowering confidence builder for dads, with focused, doable ideas; uncomplicated ways to be an example; tough, frank advice, like “throw away your porn”; and NO long lists or criticism of dads for acting like men. Great gift or men’s group resource!

52 Things Wives Need from Their Husbands: What Husbands Can Do to Build a Stronger Marriage by Jay Payleitner - Christain Living


For the husband who wants to live out God’s plan for his marriage, 52 THINGS WIVES NEED FROM THEIR HUSBANDS provides a full year’s worth of advice that will put him on the right track without making him feel guilty or criticizing him for acting like a man. A great gift or men’s group resource.

88 Great Daddy-Daughter Dates: Fun, Easy & Creative Ways to Build Memories Together by Joanna Teigen and Rob Teigen - Parenting


This book provides dads with a wide variety of fun ideas for spending quality time with their daughters. Each date tells dads what to grab (any needed supplies), where to go, and how to grow together while having a blast and making great memories.

All Pro Dad: Seven Essentials to Be a Hero to Your Kids by Mark Merrill - Christain Living


A playbook for every dad, built to answer the questions every dad needs answered at some point. To help win the hearts and minds of your children.

The Book of Man: Readings on the Path to Manhood by William J. Bennett - Christain Living


Through profiles, stories, letters, poems, essays, historical vignettes, and myths, William Bennett offers a positive, encouraging, uplifting, realizable idea of manhood.

Building Family Ties with Faith, Love, and Laughter by Dave Stone - Christain Living


A humorous approach to the challenge of building strong spiritual ties to each other as a family. Topics include: Contentment, Security, Loyalty, Gratitude, Spontaneity, Communication, and more.

Courageous by Randy Alcorn -


This novelization of the movie Courageous tells the story of four law enforcement officers that realize they’re missing the mark as fathers. When tragedy hits home, these men are left wrestling with their hopes, their fears, their faith, and their fathering. Can a newfound urgency help these dads draw closer to God…and to their children?

Cuts like a Knife by M.K. Gilroy - Literary Fiction


Chicago has a new resident---a cold-blooded serial killer. But he's met his match in detective Kristen Conner. She's a good cop, loves her mom, and coaches her niece's soccer team. But she's tough---and determined not to let this menace get away with murder again. Can she catch him
before he strikes those closest to her?

The Discovery by Dan Walsh - Romance


When literary giant Gerard Warner dies, he leaves his Charleston estate to his grandson, Michael. As he settles in to write his own first novel, Michael discovers an unpublished manuscript his grandfather had written --- something he'd kept hidden from everyone but clearly intended Michael to find.

Father Hunger: Why God Calls Men to Love and Lead Their Families by Douglas Wilson - Christain Living


This book is a richly engaging excursion into our culture of absentee fatherhood. It is filled with practical ideas and self-evaluation tools that both encourage and challenge men to embrace the high calling of fatherhood.  

Flywheel by Eric Wilson - Christain Living


Jay Austin did what it took to get ahead and make the quick sell at work, but the more successful he got the more he lost; his integrity, his relationship with his wife and son. It wasn’t until God slowly unraveled everything that he saw how empty his life had become. Now, Jay will have to learn to finally turn his drive into a desire for a more authentic life to save the things he most cares about.

Go Big: Make Your Shot Count in the Connected World by Cory Cotton - Christain Living


Cory Cotton, co-founder of the trick shot basketball group Dude Perfect, shares five practical “GO BIG” principles for taking your passions, skills, and dreams to the next level by leveraging the connected world.

Hiking Through: One Man's Journey to Peace and Freedom on the Appalachian Trail by Paul Stutzman - Inspirational


After Paul Stutzman lost his wife to breast cancer, he sensed a tug on his heart--the call to a challenge, the call to pursue a dream. Paul heads out on a remarkable 2,176 mile trip through fourteen states in search of peace and a renewed sense of purpose.

A Hunter's Field Notes: Inspiring Stories of Meeting God in the Rugged Outdoors by Jay Houston and Roger Medley - Christain Living


Jay Houston and Roger Medley encourage hunters to share their values and beliefs with their families. Through outdoor adventures, the authors reveal the significance of legacy and offer journaling questions: “How does hunting help your Christian walk?” They also include specifics: write insights in hunting books to give as gifts.

Kingdom Man: Every Man's Destiny, Every Woman's Dream by Dr. Tony Evans -


When a man follows the principles of biblical manhood, those around him benefit from his leadership and care. KINGDOM MAN challenges and equips men to fully understand their position under God and their position over what God has given them. Dr. Evans provides concepts men can follow that will help them actively pursue ways to maximize and develop the character qualities of biblical manhood in their lives.

Men of the Word: Insights for Life from Men Who Walked with God by Nathan Busenitz - Christain Living


What is biblical manhood, and how is it cultivated? The answers are found in the lives of men of the Bible—men like Abraham, Moses, Joshua, and Paul. Their examples help define what a real man is from God’s perspective.

The Mulligans of Mt. Jefferson by Don Reid - Literary Fiction


Childhood pals Cal, Harlan, and Buddy were known in Mt. Jefferson for their troublemaking. But when World War II tears them apart, they wonder if their friendship will survive. In 1959, Harlan is shot---and Buddy and Cal are the first to arrive at his bedside. Can they discover who put Cal in the hospital---and why?

One-Minute Devotions for Dads by Jay Payleitner - Devotional


Father of five and bestselling author of 52 THINGS KIDS NEED FROM A DAD, Jay Payleitner knows how regular guys think because he is one. His 125-plus coaching sessions offer unexpected but relevant topics and touches of wacky humor. Dads, younger or older, will be encouraged by Jay’s seasoned wisdom and God-centered thinking.

The One Year Uncommon Life Daily Challenge by Tony Dungy and Nathan Whitaker - Christain Living


Strengthen the core of your life and faith on a year-long journey with beloved Super Bowl–winning former head coach Tony Dungy! THE ONE YEAR UNCOMMON LIFE DAILY CHALLENGE contains 365 reflections from the #1 New York Times bestselling author on living an “uncommon life” of integrity, honoring your family and friends, creating a life of real significance and impact, and walking with the Lord. This year, step up to the challenge—and dare to be uncommon every day.

Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord by Dave Stone - Christain Living


After being married for 27 years and raising three children, as well as shepherding the diverse families in his congregation, Dave Stone is writing to help families approach the challenge of building a strong spiritual foundation for the family.

Raising Wise Children: Handing Down the Story of Wisdom by Mark Matlock - Christain Living


Mark Matlock, culture expert and veteran youth pastor, will help you raise wise children who have the character, values, and mission that allows them to go out into the real world and live out a real faith.

SEAL of God by Chad Williams - Memoir


Part memoir, part evangelism piece, SEAL OF GOD follows Chad’s journey through the grueling Naval Ops training and onto the streets of Iraq, where he witnessed the horrors of war up close. Along the way, Chad shares his own radical conversion story and talks about how he draws on his own experiences as a SEAL to help others better understand the depths of Christ’s sacrifice and love.

That's My Girl: How a Father's Love Protects and Empowers His Daughter by Rick Johnson - Parenting


In THAT’S MY GIRL, parenting expert Rick Johnson shows men how to develop close relationships with their daughters. Rick's common sense, wisdom and humor meet dads right where they are with advice that will change their relationships with their daughters for life.

Through My Eyes Tim Tebow with Nathan Whitaker - Autobiography


Over the course of the last five years, Tim Tebow established himself as one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of college football and a top prospect in the NFL. Now, Tebow brings readers everywhere an inspirational memoir about life as he chose to live it, revealing how his faith and family values, combined with his relentless will to succeed, have molded him into the person that he is today.

Thunder of Heaven: A Joshua Jordan Novel (End Series, The) by Tim LaHaye and Craig Parshall -


As world events begin setting the stage for the 'end of days' foretold in Revelation, Joshua Jordan must weigh the personal price he must pay to save the nation he loves.

What a Son Needs From His Dad: How a Man Prepares His Sons for Life by Michael A. O'Donnell - Parenting


A helpful guidebook for fathers on how to prepare their sons for the challenges they will face on the path to becoming men.

What Every Man Wishes His Father Had Told Him by Byron Forrest Yawn - Christain Living


Every man encounters struggles in life that result in making poor choices. Here’s a collection of 30 simple principles for living more wisely, and at the same time, preparing one’s own sons for the challenges of life.

Why Men Hate Going to Church by David Morrow - Christain Living


Christianity is the only world religion with a chronic shortage of men. David Murrow identifies the barriers to male participation, and explains why it's so hard to motivate the men who do go to church. Then, he takes you inside several fast-growing congregations that are winning the hearts of men and boys.