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The Anomaly


The Anomaly

Nolan Moore is an Indiana Jones-esque star of a web series called “The Anomaly Files.” He works to investigate conspiracies in order to shed light on strange truths that are hidden from the public. His mind is exceptional, and he has become a self-taught expert on the strange bits of history that don’t make sense --- the anomalies of our world. He works tirelessly to encourage people to seek the truth and expose some of it himself. The only issue is that he and his team rarely find anything.

This lack of success breeds Nolan’s mantra that “it matters not whether we find, only that we continue to seek.”

The show is doing well enough online, but it needs to get on cable in order to gain any form of repute or credibility. When the Palinhem Foundation comes in to back “The Anomaly Files,” their goal of getting a cable deal becomes more of a reality. All they need is one successful expedition.

Kincaid’s Cavern, hidden deep in the Grand Canyon, is rumored to be filled with riches and mystery. Nolan has put together enough research to approximate where this cavern is located, but due to his past failures, he is not confident that he will find anything worthwhile and get the media traction he needs for the cable show. After hours of searching, they find an opening in the face of the rock, and all of his desires become possibilities.

"THE ANOMALY both encourages readers to continue to seek and warns them that some things are hidden for a reason."

The cavern at first seems to be empty. The team concludes that Kincaid must have looted it all those years ago. But when Nolan and his crew become trapped inside, they are forced to look deeper. Amidst pyramids, wall paintings, pools of water, large spheres of varying substances, and one room that just smells very badly, Nolan and his team realize that they are not alone. The cave is alive…and hostile.

Though Nolan is the sole face of “The Anomaly Files,” he works closely with a team of people he relies on heavily. Nolan knew the importance of his team before the journey, but as the novel progresses, he recognizes the utter necessity of counting on those close to him. He discovers that sometimes his teammates are a much better fit for his job than he is himself.

Ken is Nolan’s producer, director and closest friend, though neither of them would ever admit to the latter. A British man with a foul mouth and a constant penchant for a beer, a cigarette and a large greasy meal, Ken is the largest person on the team and is ill-equipped for the climbing, hiking, swimming, food conservation and running for his life that the expedition requires. He proves himself to be a self-sacrificing team player who would do anything for his friends.

Molly is the assistant producer --- she has always been the go-to for sourcing anything the team needs. She is put together, clever-minded and observant, and has never cracked in front of Nolan before. However, another side of her comes out in the cave as she becomes fearful and anxious. She realizes that the monsters in the dark she feared as a child are real and coming for her.

At the beginning of the novel, Nolan can’t stand Pierre, a young cameraman with natural talent and stupid good looks, seeing him with eyes of jealousy veiled by annoyance. However, Pierre proves himself to be an incredibly giving and steady character. He physically tests each trial first to see if it is possible for the group. He often crosses challenges twice, heading out one time alone to test, and then going back and doing it a second time with the group. He values the well-being and safety of others before his own physical security.

Gemma and Feather are the outsiders of the group. Gemma is a journalist covering the story. Nolan and Ken know that their show is in her hands as she can destroy all of their work with one negative article. She turns from harsh journalist to a member of the team with the main goal of finding the truth behind the anomalous cavern. Feather is a corporate representative with the free-flowing personality and attire to match her name. When the team is trapped, Feather is the only one on the other side. They rely on her to get them the help and resources they need to survive.

Michael Rutger’s novel questions the way we approach facts. Do we believe what is commonly presented, or do we search beyond what is established and look for what the information is really telling us. THE ANOMALY both encourages readers to continue to seek and warns them that some things are hidden for a reason.

Reviewed by Julianne Holmquist on June 22, 2018

The Anomaly
by Michael Rutger

  • Publication Date: June 25, 2019
  • Genres: Fiction, Suspense, Thriller
  • Mass Market Paperback: 400 pages
  • Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
  • ISBN-10: 1538732440
  • ISBN-13: 9781538732441